Be Wise

The new single of Delroy “Putus Roots” Williams is available now on all digital platforms. Delroy Williams was born in 1956 in St Thomas, Jamaica, moving to Kingston in the mid 70’s. At that time he joined the emblematic and famous tribe the “Mystic Revelation of Rastafari” and began his musical career as a nyabinghi drummer and singer. Today Putus needs our help !!! His house and most of the “Mystic Revelation” drums and percussion instruments were destroyed in a fire last July! The fire was started by a man of unsound mind… (more infos) We decided at Duke Production to release the conscious Putus Roots tune “Be Wise” in support and to help rebuild what has been destroyed in the flames. All the funds from “Be Wise” sales will go directly to the cause. Enjoy the music and thank you for joining the cause ! Your help is precious: LET US UNITE !!! If you want to help more feel free to make a donation to the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari below or to contact Association Kabba Roots – La Vassale Bat D3 – 13400 Aubagne – France


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